Open Letter to Potential Clients

To all potential clients:
Management Recruiters of Cordova, Inc. abides by very high ethical standards. We understand your concerns about recruiters - many recruiters do recruit from companies that they place with.

Management Recruiters International has a Code of Ethics which states: "An office should not recruit candidates from a company with which it has made a placement for a period of one year after the date of the placement. An office should never recruit a candidate from a client company where the office placed the candidate, either directly or indirectly through another office. If such a candidate initiates a request to be placed elsewhere, you may discuss the reasons for the request in an attempt to resolve any problem between the candidate and the client. If the problem cannot be resolved, the candidate should only be provided placement assistance after the candidate has provided you with a signed acknowledgment that the candidate initiated the contact and requested your services."

We have our honor at stake. As long as you are our client company, we recruit for you, not from you. We would hope that this would be a partnership that would last for decades.

Our office has over forty years' Human Resources experience. We know what it is like to have recruiters play games with our employees. We didn't like it then, and we don't do it now.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Eddy Hatcher
Management Recruiters of Cordova, Inc.
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