Frequently Asked Questions

How much do our services cost?
The majority of our searches are on a contingency basis - meaning we only charge you if you hire one of our candidates. If you decide to hire a candidate through another source, you owe us nothing. This is one of the reasons we work so hard for our clients - we only get paid when we deliver results.

What can you expect from us as our client?
As our client, we will act as your extended Human Resources Department. Any candidate we send out is a direct reflection on our firm. We will not flood your office with dozens of mediocre resumes. We only submit the BEST candidates to our clients. We not only locate you these qualified candidates, but we also screen them and check references on them. When you work with our firm, you can be sure that you are getting your money's worth.

With over 50 years of Human Resources experience, we know what companies want from recruiters, and we know how to deliver it to them. We will work closely and directly with your company to provide you with candidates that will best suit your needs.

What sets us apart from other recruiting firms?
What sets us apart is our high ethical standards. We understand your concerns about recruiters. We promise NOT to source candidates from our client companies. It is a promise we take very seriously and have repeatedly refused to compromise. As our client, you can expect us to abide by high ethical standards. We have found that by abiding by these standards, we produce an open and honest long-term business relationship with our clients.

Do we work with other MRI offices?
In a word - absolutely. MRI has over 500 offices and 3000+ recruiters world-wide - making us by far the largest recruiting firm in the world. We work through a highly integrated network, and our office is extremely aggressive. The bottom line is this: We know how companies like us to recruit, we know business from a business perspective because we've been in your shoes. We can and will find the BEST candidates for your organization - period.

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